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Ultra Running Coaching


We been coaching Ultra Runners for 13 years. No organization can boast that length of time and commitment to the great challenge of Ultra running. Prs Fit Coaches bring more than just a schedule to the table.

Our philosophy…each teammate is our most important team mate! Whether you are training for your first 50K or Western States 100 we care about your goals and your results. Your coach has been there and understands the challenges you will face along the way. No cookie cutter plans from us. We tailor and adjust your training to the specifics of your life and goals, The main benefits come from our expert advice and guidance, not just the training sessions created for you.

We provide a tried-and-tested methodology which hundreds of runners have already benefited from. This allows you to take on bigger challenges while reducing your chance of injury in training and racing. We achieve this through one-on-one coaching with a training plan based on getting to know you, made to fit in with your lifestyle and to maximize the benefit of each training session. There are four tiers of coaching based on the amount of contact you require and budget – see below.

The aim is to give you the maximum benefit from your training sessions and to coach you through any difficulties so you can be as successful as possible, however you define success.

Western States 100 Mile Run Official Coaching Partner

Western States 100 Mile Run - Official Coaching Partner
During this conversation you will get to know your coach better. You will discuss your goals, your training and racing history, your medical history and get the answer to any initial training questions you have.
At Prs Fit every team mate is a premium team mate. You will receive an unlimited premium on-line training platform through Daily Fit Book, and personal instructions from your coach on how to optimize it.
During your first week we will dial in your personal training parameters by testing your heart rate zones. This assures you of training in the correct target zones. We will look at photos of your your body alignment to make any necessary tweaks to imbalances and we will do a complete running form video analysis. This video is yours to keep for comparisons later in your training.
At Prs Fit we believe coaching is an educational experience. We want you to understand the why and how of your training. That’s why our coaches encourage you to contact them as often as you like.
We have created the most unique virtual training experience on the market. Even though you are an individual and your training is geared toward your individual needs. You are part of a global team of athletes that provide motivation, inspiration and camaraderie. Due to our team’s vast global racing experience, someone has done the race you are about to do. So first hand course knowledge is at your disposal. And no matter where you race, a Prs Fit Team Mate or coach may be there to support you.
Don’t have time to go to the gym for a strength workout or out for a yoga class. No worries. Your weekly training schedule will include custom videos that you can do at home.


Decide, Commit, Succeed
Sherianne Little
Sherianne Little
PRSfit Head Coach
Andrea Jarzombek
Andrea Jarzombek
Trail Running Coach
David Murphy
David Murphy
Ultra Running Head Coach
  • Fitness History Evaluation.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Unlimited Coach Contact (phone, text, email, skype).
  • Unlimited Schedule Changes.
  • Daily workouts, that include purpose, description and effort levels.
  • Daily feedback on workouts.
  • Free Daily Fit Book Premium account.
  • Workout Videos (yoga and strength).
  • Fitness Assessment.
  • Gait and Form Analysis.
  • Unlimited access to education center.
  • Course Specific Race planning.
  • All team sponsor discounts.
$2999start at
  • Set-up of training plan for the period of your choice.
  • Testing to determine accurate heart rate training zones.
  • Free Daily Fit Book logging platform.
  • Discount on most Prs Fit services.
  • Daily workouts, that include purpose, description and effort levels.
  • Race prep consultation.
  • Strength and flexibility workouts with videos.
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Training consultations
  • DailyFitBook.com Premium Account
  • Access to Education Center Training videos
  • Access to Team page
  • Access to all webinars
  • All Sponsor Discounts
  • Discounts on all services
  • Gait analysis
  • Form analysisRace Planning Consultation
  • $69 monthly

Free Consultation

Client Testimonials

I live in New Orleans and needless to say that Ultra Running is not the best sport to practice around here. I thrive on challenges and so when the opportunity presented itself to train and commit to do my first 100 miler I talked to my PRSfit coach and she assured me she could train me and get me to finish line as long as I was committed to put in the work. Together with her help we worked out the perfect training plan and in October 2016 I finished my first 100 miler, the Javelina 100 in the Sonoran Desert! There is absolutely no way I could have pulled this off without the help and support of the coaching staff at PRSfit, not to mention the constant encouragement of all my great teammates. Are the coaches that great you ask? Well my coach offered to be my pacer for this race and it turned out to be the best racing experience of my life! I was never a runner prior to this but I have fallen in love with trail running since…

Sam P, New Orleans