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Triathlon Coaching

At Prs Fit, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to triathlon, looking for a PR, or trying to fine tune your IM fitness. Prs Fit is a community of athletes from all over the world. We are a team. Alone or together, from  sprint triathlon to Kona, we strive and we conquer.

Prs Fit lets you experience what we call Team and social fitness – connecting and motivating each other through our one of a kind global team experience. Day after day, we provide a high quality training experience that produces results.

Athletes of all levels can benefit from working one on one with one of our experienced coaches! We’ve been in your shoes, around the block and odds are – even on the race course! We can help you set realistic goals, understand what to expect, overcome obstacles and make adjustments along the way. It’s coaching tailored to your individual wants and needs — we’re a partner in helping you achieve your dreams.

During this conversation you will get to know your coach better. You will discuss your goals, your training and racing history, your medical history and get the answer to any initial training questions you have.
At Prs Fit every team mate is a premium team mate. You will receive an unlimited premium on-line training platform through Daily Fit Book, and personal instructions from your coach on how to optimize it.
During your first week we will dial in your personal training parameters by testing your heart rate zones. This assures you of training in the correct target zones. We will look at photos of your your body alignment to make any necessary tweaks to imbalances and we will do a complete running form video analysis. This video is yours to keep for comparisons later in your training.
At Prs Fit we believe coaching is an educational experience. We want you to understand the why and how of your training. That’s why our coaches encourage you to contact them as often as you like.
We have created the most unique virtual training experience on the market. Even though you are an individual and your training is geared toward your individual needs. You are part of a global team of athletes that provide motivation, inspiration and camaraderie. Due to our team’s vast global racing experience, someone has done the race you are about to do. So first hand course knowledge is at your disposal. And no matter where you race, a Prs Fit Team Mate or coach may be there to support you.
Don’t have time to go to the gym for a strength workout or out for a yoga class. No worries. Your weekly training schedule will include custom videos that you can do at home.


Decide, Commit, Succeed
Sherianne Little
Sherianne Little
PRSfit Head Coach
Mimi Stockton
Mimi Stockton
Triathlon Coach
Patty Greene-Brockman
Patty Greene-Brockman
Running & Triathlon Coach
  • Fitness History Evaluation.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Unlimited Coach Contact (phone, text, email, skype).
  • Unlimited Schedule Changes.
  • Daily workouts, that include purpose, description and effort levels.
  • Daily feedback on workouts.
  • Free Daily Fit Book Premium account.
  • Workout Videos (yoga and strength).
  • Fitness Assessment.
  • Gait and Form Analysis.
  • Unlimited access to education center.
  • Course Specific Race planning.
  • All team sponsor discounts.
$4999Start at
  • Set-up of training plan for the period of your choice.
  • Testing to determine accurate heart rate training zones.
  • Free Daily Fit Book logging platform.
  • Discount on most Prs Fit services.
  • Daily workouts, that include purpose, description and effort levels.
  • Race prep consultation.
  • Strength and flexibility workouts with videos.
  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Training consultations
  • DailyFitBook.com Premium Account
  • Access to Education Center Training videos
  • Access to Team page
  • Access to all webinars
  • All Sponsor Discounts
  • Discounts on all services
  • Gait analysis
  • Form analysisRace Planning Consultation
Free Consultation

Upcoming Camps and Clinics

Mount Hood Trail Running Camp

August 17 @ 8:00 am - August 20 @ 5:00 pm


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Client Testimonials

“….Jeff & Sherianne were fantastic coaches and quickly made a group of people who for the most part never met into a group of more than just short term friends but a close team focused on accomplishing a specific set of tasks, ….”

Issac, NYC