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Consulting Services

Have questions related to your training or racing ? Need to dial in your nutrition? What about training with HR, effort or power? In a slump and wonder whether you should push through or if you might be on the verge of overtraining? Wish you could just sit down with an experienced coach and get the answers you need? The coaching staff at Prs Fit is here and ready to help!

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Mount Hood Trail Running Camp

August 17 @ 8:00 am - August 20 @ 5:00 pm


Beat the Heat

With the dog days of summer upon us, is your desire to train in the heat lost in the wind? Do you feel like a slug and your ability to go long and hard is diminished? What if I told you that training in the heat can actually improve your performance? So long as precautions are taken, pushing yourself during your hot weather workouts may give you a boost in your next


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Client Testimonials

I’ve been consistently running for five years. It started with a 5K and snowballed to multiple marathons. I pride myself on being current on all the latest information regarding running, from the latest tech to the best race fuel, but I kept finding myself sidelined after each running season with an injury. First it was an ankle sprain, then knee sprain, most recently ITBS (Iliotibial band syndrome). I couldn’t understand why these injuries were happening. Recently someone suggested I have a professional running form analysis done. I spoke with Coach Jeff with PRSFIT and sent in a few pictures and a video. The next day I was blown away when Coach Jeff sent me my analysis. I received a link to my individual video with a play by play description of what was causing my issues. It was very easy to follow and understand. It turns out that I am a severe heel striker. All these years I thought I was striking mid foot. In addition to this, Coach Jeff also sent multiple videos explaining exactly what to do to fix my form. The feedback included a one on one phone conversation to address any questions I had. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and customer service was impressive. I am now working on practicing my drills and look forward to my follow up to track my progress. A big thanks to Coach Jeff and PRSFIT!

Susan, Virginia

Four years ago I was a heavy heel-striker. After having my running form analyzed and changed incrementally over time, I am now a mid-foot striker and much more efficient. Coach Jeff and I are still tweaking my form and the video analysis is a great tool to use to do this. Outcomes speak volumes. I’ve improved my marathon time from a 4:32to a 3:56, with hopes of a Boston Qualification in the not too distant future.

Stacey, Denver

I live in New Orleans and needless to say that Ultra Running is not the best sport to practice around here. I thrive on challenges and so when the opportunity presented itself to train and commit to do my first 100 miler I talked to my PRSfit coach and she assured me she could train me and get me to finish line as long as I was committed to put in the work. Together with her help we worked out the perfect training plan and in October 2016 I finished my first 100 miler, the Javelina 100 in the Sonoran Desert! There is absolutely no way I could have pulled this off without the help and support of the coaching staff at PRSfit, not to mention the constant encouragement of all my great teammates. Are the coaches that great you ask? Well my coach offered to be my pacer for this race and it turned out to be the best racing experience of my life! I was never a runner prior to this but I have fallen in love with trail running since…

Sam, New Orleans

“….Jeff & Sherianne were fantastic coaches and quickly made a group of people who for the most part never met into a group of more than just short term friends but a close team focused on accomplishing a specific set of tasks, ….”

Isaac, New York